Exploring Ideas!

There is no place that cannot be explored

From land to sea, and space galore,

Using your thinking caps and inventions new,

Can bring forth a fascinating idea or two!

Exploring ideas is what you will find,

When you visit this website and spend some time

Clicking on the links, learning new things

About phones and cars and planes with wings

Inventors from Canada, China, Peru

Inventors that are old and young ones two!

Inventors that make cookies and light bulbs and planes

Inventors that used their bodies and brains!

This site is for you to explore all this and more,

Ask some good questions and you’ll never be bored!

Want to know who invented the toilet or earmuffs?

How about who created that tough Kevlar stuff?

Do you know what patent or copyright means?

Do you know that some inventors are only just teens?

Do you want to know about inventions and more?

Are you going to use this time to explore?

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Enjoy this page everyone!

It is you it is for!

I hope you learn about all the inventors,

And love to explore!