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Robert Patch

A six-year-old boy invented something you have probably played with before; it is called a toy truck. On June 4, 1963 Robert got the patent to say that he invented a toy truck that could be taken apart into small pieces and put back together. When you put the pieces back together you could make all different types of trucks. It was the first toy of its kind!

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Robert Patch and the Toy Truck

Krysta Morlan

Krysta did not know she could be an inventor. Krysta has a disease that makes her body sore all the time and hurts her muscles. She says that her sore body only made her stronger and wants to work harder.

After Krysta Morlan broke her foot when she was a teenager, she had to wear a cast. She did not like that her skin under the cast was so itchy! To make her broken leg feel better she invented the Cast Cooler. This invention pumps air under the cast to keep the person’s skin feeling cool and clean, not hot and itchy.

Krysta was only in grade ten when she created her first invention!

Since then she has also created a bicycle for water, and a water vehicle with big fins to push it through waves.


All About Krysta Morlan

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Chester Greenwood

Have your ears even been cold? Sometimes they get so cold that you wrap your mittens around them to keep them warm? Maybe instead you wear earmuffs to help them stay warm. You should thank Chester Greenwood for inventing earmuffs!

Chester was born in 1858, that is more than 150 years ago! He invented earmuffs at the age of 15! Chester was ice skating and grew tired of having to protect his ears from the cold. He tried wrapping his head in a scarf but it wouldn’t stay up. So the smart teenager made two loops from wire and asked his grandmother to sew fur onto them. Over time he improved his earmuffs by adding a steel band to hold them together.

During World War I, Chester sold thousands of earmuffs to soldiers leaving for war, and made a fortune. Today he even has a day named after him, “Chester Greenwood Day!” His hometown of Farmington is the Earmuff Capital of the World! They hold a parade every year to celebrate Chester and his invention.


All About Chester Greenwood

Becky Schroeder

When Becky Schroeder was ten years old, she was doing her homework in the car, waiting for her mom. As it grew darker she wished that there was a way for her paper to light up so that she could see what she was doing more easily. That's when she got her idea for the "Glo-sheet."

The next day she began experimenting with paper and glow-in-the-dark paint until she had invented a type of paper that can glow in the dark. In 1974, at the age of 12, Becky Schroeder became the youngest of all famous women inventors to receive a U.S. patent.


Beck and her Glo-Sheet

Famous Inventors and Inventions

Rachel Zimmerman

In the mid-1980s a twelve-year old Canadian girl developed an invention that helped people who have trouble communicating.

For a school science fair project, Rachel Zimmerman created a software program on the computer called Blissymbols that allows those whose bodies will not let them communicate, find ways to express themselves.

Her invention made her famous! She won several awards, including the silver medal at the World Exhibition of Achievement of Young Inventors. She now works for the American space program company, NASA helping them fit the needs of all people.


Blisssymbols History

Famous Inventors and Inventions