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Thomas Edison


Phonograph: A phonograph is just a record player. You may never have seen a record before but they look like big CDs and have music recorded on them. They were what your parents used to listen to before CDs.

Motion Picture Cameras: The first thing you have to know is that motion means move. A motion picture camera just means a camera that can capture pictures that move.

Patents: Patent is a document that says you invented something and no one else can pretend they made it first.

Telecommunications: Look at the small words you see in this big word. The first you probably noticed is “communication,” and you know what that means! The word before it is “tele” like “telephone” or “television.” Did you ever stop and wonder what the “tele” means? It means though a cable or a by broadcasting into the air like a radio does. Telecommunications means to communicate by broadcasting or by sending voice vibrations through a cable or wire.

Thomas Alva Edison was born in the United States of America. He lived from the 1840s until the 1930s. When Thomas was a child he was an inquirer. He loved to ask questions! His teacher thought he was asking so many questions because he was not smart! His mother was so upset at the teacher she pulled him out of school and home-schooled him instead.

At the age of ten he built his first science lab! His mother gave him a book on science and how to do experiments and he fell in love. He kept that love of science for the rest of his life.

After an experiment that went wrong Thomas began to lose his hearing. He was not completely deaf, but he couldn’t hear very well. He said he liked it that way so he could focus on his experiments better!

He was an American inventor, scientist, and businessman who developed many devices that influenced the whole world! Some of his most famous inventions are the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and a long-lasting electric light bulb!

Edison holds 1,093 US patents in his name, that means he invented 1,093 things so nobody has ever invented before!

The American inventor also is famous for his work in telecommunications. He created a machine that could count votes, a battery for an electric car and was able to record music! He is a pretty amazing man!


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Albert Einstein


Physicist: Someone who studies Physics. Physics is a type of science that looks at the physical world. That means they look at all sorts of things on the planet!

Albert Einstein was born in Germany. Albert’s grandmother used to say that he was "thick", and told his mother that he was not very smart. Did he prove them wrong! When he was three his little sister, Maria, was born. Albert went to school was a good student but he did not like school because they were strict and as he was forced to learn. When he turned 15 he quit school and moved to Italy.

Despite not liking school, Albert wanted to be a math teacher! He finally finished school in 1900!

He lived in his home country until the World War II when he visited America and decided to stay so he could be kept safe. Albert is a physicist. He was so smart that he made scientific discoveries that changed how people thought about the whole world! That is pretty smart. That is why people call intelligent people, “Einsteins.”

He famous math formula is e=mc2. Did you know that the “c” in that formula stands for the sped of light! Did you know that Einstein published more than 300 scientific papers in his career! That is a lot of papers! How many papers do you think you have written since you started school?


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Leonardo Da Vinci


Cannon: A cannon is a weapon that shoots great big heavy metal balls out and is used to destroy buildings, ships, and kill people. You often see them in movies about war or movies about pirates because they can cannons on their ships!

Machine gun: A gun that can shoot hundreds of bullets without stopping by using a whole line of bullets. This gun is fast and is very dangerous.

Turnspit: A tool that looks like a long pipe that you use to roast meat over a fire. If you have ever used a stick to roast marshmallows then you can think of the turnspit as the stick but instead of putting it into the fire, you lay it over the fire with meat on it so the fire can cook the meat.

Canal system to irrigate fields: A canal is a long tunnel. Irrigate means to remove water from. So put these deinfitions into the sentence. A long tunnel that removes water from fields. It was used with farmer's fields flooded and they couldn't plant anything because there was too much water.

Parachute: A parachute is the big umbrella-like material that comes out of the backpack of people who jump out of planes! This invention helped people who had to jump out of a plane way up in the way get safely to the ground.

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci was born in Vinci, Italy. That is where he got his name. His name means, "Leonardo, son of Piero, from Vinci." Leonardo is a famous painter, sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician, and writer. He had lots of different skills! Some people say that he was a curious child and that often got him into trouble. He loved to ask questions and more importantly, loved to try and find the answers. He was so curious that Leonardo used to dig in graveyards at night to steal bodies and study the human body! Yuck!

He also had a wild imagination! You can see how creative he was in his paintings and sculptures.

Leonardo is known as one of the greatest painters of all time. That is a big title! He painted a picture called "The Mona Lisa" which is one of the most famous paintings of all time! It is a picture of a woman smiling. It took Leonardo almost ten yers to finish just the lips on the painting!

But did you know that Leonardo was also a great thinker? He had a lot of different and very creative ideas that eventually were turned into inventions by other people. Not all inventors invent things themselves! Leonardo explored ideas, like we are doing now!

One of the things that Leonardo thought about was armored cars. He drew the first picture of an armored car in 1485. He also designed the cannon, a machine gun, a turnspit for roasting meat, canal system to irrigate fields, and invented the parachute.

You want to know something strange about Leonardo? He used to write his notes down in backwards so he had to look at them in a mirror to read them! He thought it kept his ideas secret. He also used tp fill every page from top to bottom wiht as many words as he could because paper was so expensive! But Leonardo was principled. He loved animals and used to buy birds in caves just to be able to set them free. He also didn't eat meat because he loved animals so much.

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Benjamin Franklin


Postman: A postman, or postal worker, is someone who delivers the post. Another way to say post is mail. Ben Franklin was a mail man!

Routes: In this story, route means pathway. He created pathways for people delivering mail to make them faster at their jobs!

Firefighters: Look at the two words in this big word. First is “fire” and the second is “fighter.” What do you think it means? A firefighter is someone who fights fires and helps keep people safe.

Insurance companies: An insurance company is a group of people who work together to help make sure that people are okay if something bad happens to them. If your house caught on fire, and your mom and dad had worked with an insurance company, then the company would help pay to get your house fixed.

Bifocals: This is a tricky word. Have you ever seen someone who has a hard time reading words close up? Bifocals are a type of reading glasses that have a tiny magnifying glass at the bottom. That way someone can look through the bottom of their eye glasses and read words, or look through the top part of the glasses and see far away.

Lightening Rod: A lightening rod is a big metal pole that you can put on the top of your house to protect your house form being struck by lightening. Since lightening always hits the closest thing to the sky, the pole would get hit and suck up all the lightening before it can hurt your house or your family.

Born in 1705 Benjamin Franklin, known as Ben to his friends, was born in America. He actually had two birthdays! Ben was born on January 6, 1706 but on September 2, 1752 England changed to a new calendar. We still use this calendar today! The days were different and that is why they invented leap year, when we get an extra day in April. Because the calendar changed, Ben has two birthdays!

You may not know who is Ben is but you probably have seen him on the American $100 bill. He has been on them since 1928!

During his lifetime, Ben was a leading author, printer, politician, scientist, musician,
and inventor. That is a lot of jobs!

He was also busy helping to create hospitals that were open to the public. That had never be done before! He also helped make books available to everybody by helping to create public libraries. Ben was also a postman! He worked with the mail system and built routes for people delivering mail. The system he designed is still used today!

A busy man, Ben also created a group of firefighters who would volunteer their time without getting paid to help out firefighters! The inventor also created companies that helped families who lost their homes or cars to fire. They are called insurance companies.

You wouldn’t think that a man with all those inventions would have time for any other jobs, but he did! Ben was also a volunteer firefighter, a librarian, a bookstore owner and a soldier.

Ben’s inventions are ones to be remembered. He also invented bifocals and lightening rods!

You want to know something silly about Ben? He loved turkeys! He thought they were some of the smartest creatures on the planet! Ben also spoke five languages! He spoke Latin, German, Spanish, Italian and French. Ben also loved to travel. He crossed the Atlantic Ocean eight times!


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