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Did you notice anything about the inventors you have researched so far? Most of them are men! Does that mean that only men can invent things? No way! There have been lots of women in the world who have invented all sorts of things from chocolate chip cookies to lasers! Read ahead to learn more about female inventors. Don't forget that you can always use the dictionary or visit the online picture dictionary if you don't understand a word. The website is

1. Randi Altschul

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Disposable: Disposable just means can be thrown in the garbage without hurting the environment.

Patent: Patent is a document that says you invented something and no one else can pretend they made it first.

In November of 1999 Randice-Lisa, known as Randi, Altschul got the patent for the first disposable cell phone. The cell phone she made was so small it was as thick as three credit cards! The phone she made was also made from recycled paper. It was the first time someone could buy a cell phone they could throw away when they were done using it.

The cell phone also had a strip on the back, just like a credit card and could be used like a credit card! That is pretty amazing! It cost about $20 to buy the phone when she first invented them. Randi created the disposable cell phone because she was mad at her cell phone for the bad connection she had. She realized that cell phones were too expansive to lose or throw away. So she decided to make one that she could throw out.

First she made sure no one else ever made a disposable cell phone before, and then she set to inventing! Randi worked with friend, Lee Volte, to make the super-thin phone.


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2. Marie Curie



Scientist: Someone who studies the world and uses science as a way to understand it. Think about things you learned in science and everything you have learned about the world in school.

Nobel Peace Prize: An award given out to people to who have made a difference in the world for the better.

Dr. Marie Curie is known to the world as the scientist.

Marie was from Poland and was born in 1867! That is almost 150 years ago! When she was a child she had a great memory and learned to read when she was only four years old. Her father was a scientist and she knew that was what she wanted to be. Her family was very poor so she worked as an I.E. to help pay for school.

When she was all grown up, she worked with her husband, Pierre to discover the new things about science. She discovered quickly that they were some things in science that could help cure people who are sick. By the end of World War I, Marie was one of the most famous people in the world! She decided not to patent her discoveries so that any body could use them to help people.

Marie and he husband were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1901. She got this award again ten years later. That means she is one of the only people in the world who have won this award twice!


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3. Temple Grandin



Austism: A person who has autism can focus on things very well and often like to learn a lot about a single subject. Sometimes their autism can make them feel lonely and make it hard for them to make friend or be around big groups of people.

Temple Grandin was born in the United States of America. She was born with autism and had a hard time making friends in school. She was very smart and loved animals. Because she was able to focus so hard on animals, she created a new way of working with cows! She grew up to be an animal scientist! Temple worked with farms to make sure that animals were safe and were being treated fairly.

She also created the “hug machine.” This machine is used to hug people who are too excited and can't focus and need to be calmed down so they can think more clearly. Temple is still alive today and she lives in America.


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4. Bessie Blount



Amputee: A person who is living with missing arms or legs because of being sick, accidents or being hurt in war.

Bessie Blount was born in America in 1914. She was a nurse during World War II and worked with soldiers who have become amputees. People who lost an arm found it hard to do things like get dressed or eat. Bessie decided she needed to help. In 1951 she invented a machine that helped people with missing arms to feed themselves by using their teeth! She used a tube that went into the amputee’s mouth and when they bit on it, food came out! She was the first person in the world to make this invention!


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5. Mary Anderson



Windshield wiper: A wiper is the long rubber tube that cleans the windshield on your car when it rains or snows.

Mary Anderson worked with cars. In 1905 she made an invention that everyone who drives a car today uses. Can you guess what it is? Mary invented the windshield wiper!

During a trip to New York City, Mary noticed that drivers had to open the windows of their cars when it rained so they could see! She didn’t like that rain or snow made driving so dangerous so she used rubber to make a long tube that could clean off windows and make driving safer.

That invention is now more than 100 years old. Today we press a button to make the wipers move, but back then Mary had a handle that had to be turned by hand to make the wipers move! Her invention was very successful! Ten years after she made her invention windshield wipers were on every car in America.


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