Welcome to Exploring Ideas!

You have reached the online portion of your research as part of the "Ideas" section of Where We are in Place and Time Unit of Inquiry! I am sure you have already learned a lot about exploring and all sorts of different ideas that people have discovered and used to invent and create new things. This website is made for you to help bring together information that will help you research!

Some of the words you will see might be hard to understand. If you see a word you don't know, click on

http://www.pdictionary.com and type the word into the search bar on the left. The dictionary will bring up a picture of the word!

You should divided into three team colours, GREEN, BLUE AND RED. Follow the links tab on the right that say the name of your team to find all sorts of information to help you discover even more about exploring ideas and inventions! Underneath the team names is a link for teachers that have extra resources you can use with your class.

On the next link is a poem to get you thinking creatively before you begin! Enjoy exploring!